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Waste Water Treatment Plants and Tank Cleaning

Lee’s Liquid Waste Services is the leading service provider in complete waste management.

The main services include the disposal of garbage and its supervision to ensure a complete, clean and careful job. Through this, Lee’s Liquid Waste Services fulfills its purpose of minimizing health problems and regulating the environment.

Established since 1984, Lee’s Liquid Waste Services have acquired superior experience and the required skills to perform all waste management tasks with utmost efficiency and unparalleled competence. Located in the heart of Queensland, the complete waste services cater to everything, from septic tanks to portaloos and treatment plants, from skip bins to steel recycling. It further extends the services to potholing, tank cleaning and the list goes on.

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There are several things that are required in order to enforce and confirm the proper implementation of complete waste management programs. Following are a few items and features included to guarantee thorough waste management.

Skip bin

As the name suggests, a skip bin is a massive open bin that is often placed at the end of each commercial street. This particular bin is designed to collect all kinds of trash. This includes restaurant waste, household waste and street garbage. There are many kinds of skip bins that have been designed for a community’s convenience. Some have wheels on them and can easily be transported to a site where the garbage inside is disposed off. Moreover, it can easily collect large quantities of scrap material and ensure no green site is damaged because of excessive and harmful dumping.

Looking for a skip bin for your street or office? Call Lee’s Waste Management Services to get an amazing deal!

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can turn out to be a massive problem if ignored. Lee’s Waste Management Services not only solve this problem for you but also ensure that it does not happen again any time soon.

Drain blockage may occur because of rainfall as all the leaves, plastic bags and other similar waste travel into the drains. The blockage hinders the flow of waste water. Eventually, the water begins to seep onto the streets. If this happens in your home you might experience waste water being collected in your garage or garden. This can also be the cause of accumulated grease and oil fats from the kitchen drain. If it happens at a larger scale and shows its impact on the streets, street flooding can also be caused.

In order to prevent any such damage, Lee’s Liquid Waste Services executes excellent maintenance services and imparts important knowledge regarding the upkeep of drains. Call us now to free yourself of blocked pipes and drains!

Septic Tank Cleaning

A lot of people tend to drain out waste without considering the kind of damage it might bring about to their house. Often if a tank is left uncleaned it gets septic. Eventually, the septic nature of the tank releases various liquids and acids that can damage the walls and cause a deep rooted problem.

The only time people consider septic tank cleaning is when a pungent and disgusting smell begins to emit from the tank. However, they can prevent the damage long before it even begins by getting it regularly cleaned. Lee’s Liquid Waste Management Services can be of great assistance in this endeavor.

Even if the damage has gotten out of hand, our experienced professionals put in the hard work required to fix it. You can even register yourself for our monthly Septic Tank Services that will ensure that not only is the damage controlled but the tank is kept clean at all times.

Grease Trap Cleaning

The function of a grease trap is to capture fats, oils and other kinds of sludge from waste water. They are commonly installed in kitchens of restaurants and homes. The water is passed through a complex system that traps all different kinds of fat and allows water to flow out unhindered. Sometimes when the grease trap stops functioning, it is because the trap itself is not capturing the grease and thus causing an obstruction in the flow of water.

You may want to do it yourself but hiring a professional comes with its benefits. We can do the job for you in minimal charges. Since we are experts at this, there is no chance that the grease trap cleaning is not done well.

At, we ensure that the grease trap is poked with just the right amount of pressure so it is not damaged. Our protocol involves inspecting the amount of grease that has accumulated at the bottom and on the sides. If there is any water trapped inside, it is removed to scrape the sides of the trap and ensure the fresh water does not get contaminated. Once the above process is complete, the water is turned back on.

Vacuum Excavation

This is a considerably newer technology compared to the ones mentioned above and at Lee’s Waste Management Services, we believe in working at par with the latest technology.

In the process of vacuum excavation a vacuum is used to excavate and remove soils. There are many advantages to vacuum excavation, the main and the most prominent one being a lack of visual difference or change in the environment. Moreover, it is faster than excavating the land manually.

Through the process of vacuum excavation, our professional team is able to clear out strips of land that are otherwise difficult to reach manually. Then, there are times when the soil dies because of the debris and waste on its surface. With the vacuum excavation method, the debris is cleared out exposing new and fresh soil.

Lee’s Waste Management Services ensure these services are performed by skilled workers who do an impeccable job.

Water Tank Cleaning

Water supply comes from the main water tank. This tank provides water for drinking, cleaning, washing, cooking and bathing. Despite being lined with gauze, dirt particles find their way inside the tank and settle at the bottom, forming sludge. This is where Lee’s Waste Management Services come into play.

Our experts provide cleanliness and maintenance services of a water tank that can be conducted at regular intervals through water tank cleaning. The collection of stagnant water in a closed off space over a long time can lead to the development of algae and fungus in the lining. This can contaminate the water and make it impure and dangerous for drinking and other purposes. Though the water may appear to be as it usually is, it will be contaminated in its chemical nature.

You do not want to compromise the health of your family members or colleagues. So contact us now and get your tank cleaned regularly!


Lee’s Waste Management Company enjoys a state-of-the-art set up where the latest Hydrovac trucks are also used. These trucks offer a complex combination of water and vacuum power to pot holes. There are many benefits such an excavation system has to offer which is why it is continuously gaining popularity.

Some of its benefits include reduction in re-establishment costs, division of tank (one for water and other for waste) and the overall reduction of costs of insurance. Moreover, it prevents damage of land and unknown underground pipes, wires, etc. while excavation.

While removing complete waste, the Hydrovac truck causes no damage to the road and railway networks. It allows video surveillance to people operating the truck. This helps them prevent damage at a microscopic level.

So, do not hesitate or delay the much needed potholing. Pick up that phone and call us now!

Portable Toilet Cleaning

Having a portable toilet is a massive advantage at places where there is lack of an actual plumbed toilet. Whether you are travelling, getting a house made or camping out with friends, having a clean place to do your business is imperative. With a portable toilet, you can rid yourself of the worry. Some portable toilets even come with private encasing giving you complete privacy even if you are in the woods.

But how do you clean them? Lee’s Waste Management Service are at your service!

We use the most efficient methods for portable toilet cleaning. Using pumps to clean out the suction lines of the tank, we use high quality detergents to clean the toilet immaculately. The tank is closed and a pump is used to spread the cleaner to the top until the water transfers itself to the bottom of the tank. After this, the toilet is rinsed and left to dry. Not only does this make the toilet spotless, it is also cleanses the toilet of any bacteria to prevent health hazards.

Thus, whatever your waste removals needs be, Lee’s Waste Management Services can come to your aid and provide you with professional services of the highest quality. It may include underground services locating the problem or a simple kitchen sink grease trap that needs to be tended to, we promise to deliver the best services in the most economical rates.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us the complete waste management services!